Mental Health Matters

About Us

Our Story:

Founded by Alif and her co-founders, Mental Health Matters (MHM) is a transformative initiative born from the collective experiences and aspirations of the youth in the Regent Park community. Fueled by the urgent need to address the prevailing mental health challenges exacerbated by cultural differences, stigmas, and socioeconomic disparities, MHM strives to rewrite the narrative surrounding mental well-being in the community. Informed by both personal testimonies and research conducted by the Regent Park Community Health Centre, MHM is a beacon of hope and support. Mental Health Matters aims to shatter the silence surrounding mental health, offering awareness campaigns, educational programs, and a comprehensive resource directory tailored to the unique needs of Regent Park residents. Through community engagement, cultural sensitivity, and a commitment to breaking down barriers, MHM, founded by Alif and her co-founders, is a catalyst for change, advocating for a future where mental health is a shared priority and accessible support is a reality for everyone in Regent Park.

Our Team

Alif Ashraf


Abirami Kirupanithy

Project Advisor/Co-founder

Angie Agrawal Holstein

Registered Social Worker and Trauma Therapist

Rohama Kabeer

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Mishika Khurana

Programming Assistant

Mr. Bean


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